The AVCS Online Updating Service (OUS) allows you to update selected charts. This minimises the download file sizes and keeps data transfer small. The file sizes vary depending on the number of charts being updated.

AVCS OUS (ENC Updating) - Update file sizes are small. New Editions will be significantly larger. The size of the update will be displayed as you select items. You can update all of the ENCs that you have licensed or just a selection at a time.

The OUS (Online Updating Service) reduces the file sizes by allowing you to update only the charts that you are using. The file size will be displayed on the OUS software.

For AVCS, you should update your chart folio on a weekly basis to keep charts up to date and file sizes small.

Update discs should be sent to you automatically, or you can request a copy of the latest version from your

Admiralty Digital Distributor.