ADP - How do I check the Start Up Key / Activation Key(s) currently installed

You can check the ADP Start Up Key / Activation Key(s) currently installed, via the Licence Key Wizard or via a Support File from the ADP Software, on the Master or Back Up Systems

How to check the Start Up Key via the ADP Licence Key Wizard

  • Open the Licence Key Wizard 
  • Select "Obtain or manually add another key"
  • Click on "Next"
  • Under "Installed keys", click the Select a key drop down 
  • Select the Key(s) and this will show if it is an Activation or Start Up Key
  • Check the Start Up Key is the correct Start Up Key for your licence against the email you received when you purchased the licence (or check this with your ADMIRALTY Chart Agent who can confirm)
Please see the attached document for more detailed steps if required.

How to check the Start Up Key via a Support File

Follow the steps in Knowledge Base Article KBA-01047-C2L5 to create a Support File.

Open the support file and you will see the following entries under the list of ADP Areas:

Key Store[REG_SZ] (This shows the installed Activation Key(s) on the PC)
Install Key[REG_SZ] (This shows the installed Start Up Key on the PC)

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