ADP - Total Uninstall

On occasion you maybe required or our Customer Services Team may request you perform a Total Uninstall of the ADP Software.
The full process below will need to be followed, removing the software from the PC and the TotalUninstall.exe to remove any registry / install files completely from the PC.
(We would advise you ensure you have a Weekly ADP Software and Update Disc from the last 12 months available when performing a Total Uninstall). 

How to perform a Total Uninstall

To remove all ADP applications, including user settings and downloaded data:

1.  Log on as the PC Administrator (You may need to contact your IT Support if you do not have an Administrator account)
2.  Select 'Start' > 'Control Panel' > 'Programs and Features'
Select Admiralty Digital Publications (ADLL, ATT, ADRS 1,3,4,5, ADRS 2, ADRS 6)
Click Uninstall to delete the ADP applications
Insert the latest Weekly ADP Software and Update DVD
Browse to the folder for your DVD drive and navigate to the folder D:\ADP_Vxx/TotalUninstall and double-click TotalUninstall.exe
Click Next, then click Finish

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