Copying data onto USB Stick

Please copy only the files from '1' zip file and save onto the empty virus free USB Stick. When opening the USB Directory, the first folder must be ENC_ROOT. Please see the sample below:

In USB Stick, you will see the following files:

  • ENC_ROOT folder
  •  INFO folder
  •  Serial.ENC

To install AVCS data using the USB Stick, the customer needs to change the Source Chart Path: Change the Source Chart Path (Default CD-ROM is Q Drive):

On 'ENC & ARCS Chartportfolio' -> Tool > option > Advance tab > Advance option button - > Change the 'Source Chart Path' for S-57/S-63 (Offline) from "Q" Drive to "F" Drive.

After changing the Source Chart Path, customer can install the AVCS data using USB Stick.

Insert the USB Stick containing the AVCS updates:

Go to ENC & ARCS ChartPortfolio - > Select 'Auto Detect' to read the Media - > Select 'Import/Update' to install the charts.

Note: Customer needs to change the source chart path back to "Q" drive to read the DVD/CD after loading the data using the USB Stick.