AVCS Online - How to become an AVCS Online Technical Solution Provider

AVCS Online is a web-based ENC service from the UKHO. It targets shore-based users who want to provide support by viewing images of the same official ENCs that are viewed on-board vessels. AVCS Online is not carriage compliant and cannot be used for vessels navigation.
AVCS Online is provided as an API for integration into web-based systems provided by our Technical Solution Providers. These systems are used by shore-based users, such as shipping companies, who need to view official ENC images ashore for tasks such as voyage planning and emergency response.

Below are details about how you can apply to become an AVCS Online Technical Solution Provider and the process you will need to follow:

1. You can try AVCS Online for yourself and browse our Web Map Service documentation by accessing our freely available Discovery API. Sign up via our ADMIRALTY API Developer Portal at:

2. Complete the AVCS Online Technical Solution Provider Application Questionnaire which is available at:
Your application questionnaire should include comprehensive answers about your capabilities whilst staying within the stated word limit. Existing ADMIRALTY Distributors must note that the application should be completed without assuming that UKHO has any existing knowledge of your organisation.

3. Submit your completed application to UKHO by email to

4. Upon receipt, UKHO will assess your application against the pre-defined criteria within 30 days of acknowledgement.

5. Following the assessment, UKHO will notify you of your application result. If successful, UKHO may contact your referees and will either visit your operating location or telephone you for introductions and to obtain further details about your business and project.

6. On successful completion of step 5, an R&D Technical Solution Provider Agreement will be issued and countersigned.

7. UKHO will set up your access to our test systems and ADMIRALTY Developer Portal which contains the technical API documentation. At this point UKHO will provide systems training and once completed you can begin developing your system to integrate with AVCS Online. UKHO can provide you with ad-hoc developer support if required. A Compliance Checklist is available on the ADMIRALTY Developer Portal for you to ensure that your system meets UKHO standards.

8. When you have finished developing your AVCS Online solution you must test your system against the criteria specified in the Compliance Checklist before submitting to the UKHO for compliance testing.

9. UKHO will test your system against the criteria stated in the compliance checklist within 10 business days of receipt. If any tests fail, UKHO will contact you to request remedial action.

10. UKHO will inform you when your AVCS Online solution passes compliance testing and you will be awarded an AVCS Online Technical Solution Provider Agreement. This is a legal document which must be signed, and counter-signed by UKHO.

11. When the AVCS Online Technical Solution Provider Agreement has been countersigned by UKHO, you will need to change your system to call the AVCS Online Live API. Following this you can sell your solution and promote yourself as an ADMIRALTY Technical Solution Provider.


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