A new digital certificate for the AVCS Online Updating Service (AVCS-OUS) will be issued on Monday 1 June 2020 as the existing certificate is due to expire on the 15 June.

The new certificate, along with instructions on how to apply it, is available in a zip file called AVCS-OUS Certificate and on our Public and Distributor FTP Sites from the following location:

Digital Product Updates > AVCS S631.1 > AVCS-OUS

After 1 June 2020, until AVCS-OUS users have installed the new certificate, they will receive a warning when requesting updates from the service stating: “This data has not been correctly signed. It is not possible to be sure that the data comes from the UK Hydrographic Office. Continue importing the Data?”.  Until users have installed the new certificate they can simply select “Yes” to the error message.

Users who have not installed the new certificate will not be able to request catalogues or ENC updates after 15 June 2020.

The new certificate file and instructions can also be found in the zip file attached.